Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Finally, the fashion world has validated the San Franciscan’s typical weekend uniform of leggings, sneakers and sweats in the form of #athleisure, a concept in which athletic wear becomes acceptable in any scenario so long as each item of clothing costs no less than approximately $100. Furthermore, participating in the #athleisure trend is in no way predicated upon one participating in any sort of exercise activity. Nike vintage cotton-blend hoodies are acceptable for brunch because, you know, vintage. And Phillip Lim tailored joggers are acceptable for the office because, well, shouldn’t any $425 pant be acceptable for the office regardless of its style and intended use? As it turns out, I am quite a fan of this trend for the following reasons: (a) it allows me to have one set of clothes for gym, work and weekend which lends itself to many efficiencies; (b) constantly wearing athletic clothes gives the impression that I work out a lot; (c) mesh paneled leggings and gold sneakers… need I say more?

Browse my favorite athleisure items below:

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