Monday, April 13, 2015


banana republic mustard yellow dress

gold orchid banana republic dress

banana republic pleated halter dress

mustard yellow banana republic dress

sophie hulme black envelope bag, sam edelman d'orsay pumps

Banana Republic dress and blazer // Sam Edelman heels // Sophie Hulme bag // Dior sunglasses

I love doing workwear posts but it can be difficult to find inspiration for them because there are so many constraints. No distressed denim, no open toe shoes, no hats, no tee shirts (half my wardrobe right there). This mustard yellow work dress from Banana Republic caught my attention the moment I saw it. The color is so striking and the fit checks the box on comfort. I look for comfort first in a work dress because I find it incredibly difficult to work long hours in a tight, constraining dress. This dress is loose and moves easily but the tie allows you to show off some shape. I own so few mustard colored pieces and have no idea why; it's such a beautiful color and is great for the workplace. It adds a fun pop of color without being too bold or over-the-top. This color also pairs perfectly with grey or burgundy.

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Pacific Avenue

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easy Weekend Wear Basics

chanel lipstick arthur

BB Dakota Finial Jacket

deborah lippmann my old flame

J.Crew shirt // Urban Outfitter shorts (similar) // BB Dakota coat // Birkenstocks
Dior Sunglasses // Nails: Deborah Lippmann in My Old Flame // Lips: Chanel in Arthur

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Photos by Lauren Mizrahi 

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

skincare for sensitive skin

best skincare products for sensitive skin verso, aesop, first aid beauty, chanel

It wasn't until recently that I started taking skincare a bit more seriously. Up until a few months ago, my skincare regimen was pretty much non-existent. I rarely moisturized, used clean&clear face wash from the drugstore and often fell asleep in my makeup. I have sensitive, somewhat dry skin that is prone to hard bumps (but very rarely get pimples) and have found a lot of success with these products (which, FYI, are all minimally scented or not scented at all). 

1. Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes: I have tried a lot of makeup removal wipes and these are by far the best. The two issues I usually find with makeup removal wipes are that they leave a residue and/or are strongly scented. These wipes don't have either of these issues. I always keep a pack of them by my bedside for those nights when I am too exhausted to wash my face but at the very least can wipe my makeup off while laying down right before I pass out. 

2. Tracie Martyn Purifying Cleanser: This face wash was recommended to me by a co-worker who has amazing skin and is incredibly knowledgeable about skin care. So far, I've been really happy with it; it leaves my skin feeling clean and I like that it lathers so I can use it with my Sonicare. 

3. Aesop Exfoliant Paste: I only use this once or twice a week for a more intense exfoliation than the Sonicare provides. It has a very gritty consistency and I like the way it leaves my skin feeling. 

4. Verso Night Cream: This cream is fantastic. It is perfect for someone with sensitive skin who still wants to use a product with retinoid (bonus: not scented!). Using products with retinoids is the only non-invasive way to actually reduce wrinkles and effectively promote skin cell turnover, but Retin-A completely dries my skin out and drugstore retinol products I have tried in the past have so little retinol that I don't see any effects. Verso is that perfect in-between. It is a retinol product but much more effective than the moisturizers I have tried in the past that contain retinol. It is very mildly drying so I use it every other day. On the off days, I use my First Aid Beauty moisturizer. 

5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Moisturizer: This is a very light, non-greasy, non-scented moisturizer. If I wash my face in the morning, I can put my makeup on about 20 minutes after moisturizing. (Tip: always moisturize right after washing your face. The warm water opens up your pores, allowing your skin to absorb the moisturizer most effectively. I have found that when I moisturize long after I wash my face, the lotion just sits on the surface of the skin). 

6. Chanel Double Perfection Matte Powder: So this isn't exactly skincare, but I switched to this powder (from Clinique) before I started dabbling in any of these skin care products and saw a huge reduction in the amount of bumps on my face. Honestly, I had no basis whatsoever for trying out this powder except I got suckered into the Chanel counter at Saks and thought, why not- I've been using the same powder my entire life and could stand to change it up. And yeah having a Chanel logo on my makeup seemed like a great idea. So imagine my surprise when I actually saw a big difference in my skin. Bonus: not scented and has SPF 15!


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